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Horse21pro is a self-booking tool for paperless hotel bookings. The system is a cloud-based platform allowing for travel agency access and a self-booking tool combining offline and online trip management process and making it completely seamless.

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Single sign-on (SSO)

Seamless access to the hotel booking tool via single sign-on.

  • Dedicated (generic) domain
  • Sign in through email & password
  • Direct connect to the set profile(s)
Profiling system

Profile21pro is a sophisticated profiling system, allowing to build a hierarchy, add users, offices, and set travel policies. The profiling system is a stand-alone component connected to the Horse21pro hotel booking engine.

  • Two-way data exchange
  • Full Import and Export capability (.csv)
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • One central system for storing all user and customer data
  • Multiple payment options per user
  • Security according to ISO/IEC-27001, PCI DSS rules

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Booking engine

+many more suppliers

  • Map search
  • Reviews
  • Advanced filters

For all hotel bookings a voucher is issued and payment to the used supplier is arranged. The charge to the corporate will be done on:

  • Day after check-out (American Express BTA / AirPlus Company Account)
  • Time of booking (credit card)

Lodge cards (including internal references)

  • Credit cards
Customer service

For all customer service issues, before during and after travelling our 24/7 support department are available to assist online, by telephone or e-mail in case of modifications and or cancellations.